Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hats, hats and more hats plus the odd scarf

The craft selling season is in full swing.  Orkney Arts and Crafts holds a summer exhibition in the Town Hall, Kirkwall for 5/6 weeks during June and July.  The run up to this event sees me indulging in bursts of intense crafting sessions fitted between holidays and social happenings.  The trouble is you never know how much you are going to sell and what is going to be popular.  I try not to get bogged down (or perhaps that should be wound up) as I find the making aspect enjoyable and want to maintain that feeling. 

This season my hats made from woolly jumpers seem to be popular.  My hand woven scarves and hand knitted hats using yarn that I spin are also selling.  I have to make it clear at this point that I'm  not talking big numbers but that doesn't detract from the sense of amazement I experience when I find another hat/scarf or brooch has been sold.  That said the brooches, hair slides and key rings are moving more slowly - if at all.   I must say I am surprised that I haven't sold more key rings but there you go.  Perhaps they will be next years 'thing'.

As part of the group I do my fair share of being a sales assistant.  It is a very interesting and enjoyable experience.  Lots of visitors to the islands come into the exhibition with many spending quite some time having a good rummage.  There are roughly 60 exhibitors and some lovely crafts.  There has been a lot of positive feedback. I will post some photographs but you should visit the website to see more or if you are in Orkney take yourself along there. Possibly the face book page is best just now as there seems to be a few gremlins in the web site.  

The Smithy on Shapinsay is also open with many local crafters contributing to the a lovely and varied display.

For your interest the following hats are my most recent creations.  The first two are sold.  The others are hot of the sewing machine and heading for the exhibition later on today along with two scarves.

I have needle felted  a smaller third circle to the next hat

The next hat is a  beret style.

They are all my favourites

I went to a talk on intellectual property and copyright for crafters the other night.  More about that in the next post along with a more scarf theme.

Bye for now folks.